“ReforB” is a website created for a project “ReforB. Ready for Business / Pasiruošę verslui” run by “Klaipeda’s science and technology park” (Klaipėdos Mokslo ir Technologijų parkas). This project is financed by EU and it was created to promote youth entrepreneurship.

Since this project is financed by EU, we received very clear guidelines of what we need to do and present. The aim was to create a product that is modern, simple and appealing enough to capture the attention website visitors so they would continue browsing.

Website Focusing on increasing interaction

The main thing that we were asked for was to ensure that the website is interactive and looks like it directly responds to visitor's actions. It was clear which of the website we had to enhance to make them "alive" - it had to respond to button clicks when a visitor hovers over it or does anything else on the website.
We also had to adjust the website for three different languages - Lithuanian, English and Russian - so it meant that we had to make sure that all three languages are properly displayed. In addition, we also integrated Google Analytics to allow the owners of the project see the real change in activity and actions of the visitors.

Design Youthful yet professional

Our customers knew that they wanted to use green, blue and orange colors for the design of their website. Knowing this, we focused on applying these colors on the design we were working on. We wanted to create something that would look professional and solid, but would still be quite playful and engaging to the younger audience.