Nordtax – an authorized accounting business in Norway. This business offers professional accountants who have over 20 years of experience, helping big or small business and consulting on various rules and regulations for businesses.

We were asked to create a product that would clearly showcase the maturity and expertise of Nordtax. The aim was to create a professional looking website that would be modern and appealing to different types of businesses in Lithuania and Norway.

Website Functional & Informational

The main goal while creating this website was to ensure its funcionality and to show not only the services that Nordtax is offering, but to also be useful. Just when you enter the website, you instantly see the services they are offering and clearly stating why you should choose Nordtax for your business. We also added some useful fill-in forms that are needed for many businesses, to increase the usefulness of the website.

Design Mature & Stylish

While working with Nordtax, we wanted the design to represent the expertise of the professional accountants working there, but to keep it really modern and stylish. The overall design of the website is kept simple with lots of blue to show Nordtax as a trustworthy business. To accompany the colors, we chose pictures displaying various business settings, but because of the fresh and light colors, we managed to create a modern and reliable business image.

Live version