Mažieji Čiauškučiai

“Mažieji Čiauškučiai” – a website offering speech therapist, psichologist and social worker services for children. Unlike many other services in this field, these specialists can come directly to your home to ensure a better and safer environment for your children.

The goal was to rebrand “Mažieji Čiauškučiai” and to show how modern and different these services are from all the other ones. We wanted to create a cheerful loving image of “Mažieji Čiauškučiai” while still emphasizing that different specialists can come to your home and work there with your child.

Website So convenient, even a child could use it

We knew that the parents who are looking for these kinds of services already know what they need, so we wanted to clearly show that they found it within first few seconds they entered the website. Visitors can instantly see what kind of services "Mažieji Čiauškučiai" offers and that specialists can directly come to your home, which is their biggest competitive advantage. It was also important to make sure that whatever they need, parents can quickly find it without to much struggle, so we kept the navigation pretty easy and straight-forward.

Branding Cheerful and delicate

The aim was to create something that is really playful and engaging. We wanted to sort of show what parents can expect from "Mažieji Čiauškučiai" - loving professionals, who do their best working with your child and will support parents when they most need it. We kept the colors bright and positive, accompanied with pictures of happy and laughing children to create this truly cheerful atmosphere.

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