“Laimita” – a real-estate agency in KlaipÄ—da. Working with real estate specialists, this agency offers a huge variety of different real estate properties to choose from for buying or renting.

Our goal was to analyze their old website to identify the biggest bottlenecks that are stopping “Laimita” from being more efficient and successful. We wanted to solve the problems of their old website and to present them with a new and more functional design.

Website Clear & Simple

Finding real estate properties that match your expectations is not easy anyways, so we didn't want to complicate the process with an inconvenient website. We wanted the visitors to instantly see with which market "Laimita" is working and what they have to offer. To make everything easier, we created a simple filter, which allows you to browse through properties based on the type or price. This way, a potential client doesn't have to spend lots of time setting the filter, but can almost right away start looking through the properties listed.

Design Embracing the logo

"Laimita" has a beautiful red logo that we wanted to embrace and use the colors in our design. Red is used for the main elements of the website and because of the new design, it almost makes the logo feel newer and fresher, though logo stayed the same. We also wanted website visitors to clearly see in which area "Laimita" is working, so we took some pictures of the most beautiful sights of KlaipÄ—da, picked the best one and chose it as a main picture for the website.

Live version