La Beauty

“La Beauty” – a beauty salon in Klaipeda offering professional cosmetology and beauty services. Eyebrow correction, facials or other services are done by professionals making sure every client walks out happy and beautiful.

The goal for us was to create a website that would be a good representation of what “La Beauty” is – classy & professional. Today’s women are always on the go, so we aimed to create something that feels really familiar and is easy to use on all platforms. Whether you’re stuck in traffic trying to find a good cosmetologist on your phone or just browsing online for beauty salons nearby – you’ll always quickly find everything you need.

Website Responsive & Intuitive

When you enter a website, it feels like home - you know where you can find what you need without giving it too much of a thought. We wanted to keep everything simple, so the website isn't overloaded - only the most important information is displayed, so that the main focus would be kept on services offered.
It was also essential to make sure that the website would be convenient to use on other platforms as well, that's why we devoted as much time and effort in developing mobile version as we did in desktop one to ensure it's functionality.

Design Keeping it professional

One of the main attributes of "La Beauty" is professionalism that was important to convey through our design. Because we wanted to create a design that is easy to use and navigate, we decided to go for a simple and intuitive design. We wanted to keep it really simple, classy and a minimalist not to draw attention from the services this salon is offering. The earthy colors chosen for design creates a very calming, cozy feeling that matches the atmosphere of the salon.

Live version