KEPA (Klaipėdos Ekonominės Plėtros Agentūra) is a NVO created and owned by Klaipeda’s manucipality. The goal of this organization is to increase the entrepreneurship of Klaipeda’s citizens, develop creative industry and to portray Klaipeda as an investment-friendly city.

The purpose of this website was to introduce website visitors with the mission of KEPA, share legal information and introduce to various projects this NVO is working with. We had a task to create something that is both a representation of KEPA and is informational.

Website Strategically planned and thoughtful

The biggest challenge we had was the amount of different kinds of information we had to display. Because KEPA has three different purposes, there's loads of information to go through. We didn't want to overload the website with text or complicated navigation, so the decision was to create a simple menu where the general information about KEPA could be found and then create four different categories for different projects their working on. This kind of display makes it convenient to use and gives a straight-forward understanding of what KEPA does.

Design Creative & Modern

We decided to take a bit more creative approach, since increasing creativity is one of the purposes of KEPA. We felt like keeping it really modern and minimalist, so that it would be appealing to everyone. We used bright and bold colors matching them with greys to make even the boldest colors look appealing and pleasant. Overall, you can see the peaks of creativity shining through without it being to eccentric.

Live version